Saturday, April 14, 2012

64 Topps is teaching me patience

Patience is something I sorely lack.  Stores love me because when I have extra money in my wallet, I am an undisciplined, impulse shopper.  Card stores are the worst thing for me when I have extra money, because it becomes "oh, I'll take 2 of these, and 3 of those...and those look good too!!"

I've been good lately with my spending on cards, since with an upcoming trip down south for my 5th wedding anniversary, I've been trying to save any extra money I can (there are card stores in Florida...).

My single eBay purchase this week was another 6 card lot of '64 Topps, which I was able to offer down to $4.99.  Again with this lot, these cards were in pretty good condition, which surprisingly I've had great success so far in finding.

Keeping the cards straight...overrated

The Ken (Hawk) Harrelson card featured is actually his Rookie Card, and it made me do a little research.  I was surprised to learn that he only played 900 games in his major league career, from all that I had heard of him over the years I presumed he had had a longer career.  The Athletics team card is my 2nd one that I have acquired, the Senators team card being the other one.  The one thing I've enjoyed about picking up the '64 cards so far is the older logos on the caps.  I especially enjoy the interlocked 'KC' on these cards, it's more simplistic than a lot of today's hats, but sometimes simple is better. 

6 more cards in this lot brings me up to 58 so far towards the set, just under 10% of the 587 total to collect.   Acquiring these cards a handful at a time has been quite interesting, and knowing that this set is going to take a while to complete makes it a task that is teaching me some patience.  With Rose, Mantle, Aaron, Clemente, Koufax and Mays all topping $100 plus in NM condition, this of course will not be a set that I'll be completing anytime soon, but the thrill of the hunt so far has been fun.

What's truly sad however is my monthly card show at the mall is now a thing of the past. I'm hoping this is the case for only the summer months.  Without that show, there is nothing else remotely close (the closest monthly show is Erie, 1h 15 min away). The show was going to be a good source of cards that would keep me from buying most of them online in auctions and paying a fortune in shipping. 

The hunt continues....

Thanks for reading, Robert

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