Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Van Halen gave me some collecting advice last week.

Happy Tuesday to you all, hope that your week is going well so far.  You're probably wondering "what is that nut Robert talking about now?"  Well, I have satellite radio at work, and not once, but three times last week I heard this song, and it spoke to me, in a set building kind of way.  Plus, I haven't put any music on here in the past couple of weeks, and it also doesn't hurt to look at some good looking women once in a while, right?


That's right folks, come on baby finish what ya started.  For me, that means completing a boat load of sets, not only from this year, but from years past.  I'm not sure if you noticed, but on the left I added a 3rd set to the list of completed sets since I started the blog.  The 2002 Upper Deck Vintage set was one that I always liked, and I decided to pickup the last 24 cards I needed for the set off of Sportlots, the last 21 of which arrived on Monday.  

I'm so close on several other sets that it's high time that I finish them up.  To prove that last night's post was not totally stupid, I did enjoy reading the series that Dennis over at Too Many Grandersons did a couple of weeks back, called "you complete me".  Mind you, I don't have quite the amount of cards that Dennis purchased in order to finish up some sets.  But I believe a little over 100 cards are going to complete 8 sets for me.  That in itself will feel good, not only for the fact that the sets are complete, but I will remove a lot of boxes from my "incomplete" table, to the stand in my closet where completed sets go (that closet area is pretty empty right now). 

Before I start anything new, I set myself a goal in terms of completed sets.  I'd like to have 15 sets completed before I buy a pack of any product I haven't touched previously.  Soooo, I'm going to have to dig deep and finish sets that I'm well away from completing, such as the 2009 OPC baseball I've featured on here lately, as well as some hockey sets that I haven't got around to looking at, and believe me there's quite a few of those.
OK...enough talk, onto some more Jays that I received from Chris over at Nachos Grande.  

Love the group of cards here, takes me back to the hey days of the 80's and early 90's in Blue Jays history.  The back of the Otis Nixon card had a bit of trivia.  April 3, 1988, George Bell became the first player in MLB history to hit 3 HR's on opening day.  Anyone remember where he hit them, and off of which pitcher?  No using Google now.....

Thanks for reading, Robert (17 days)


  1. I think it was the Royals. No idea on the pitcher though.
    Bud Black? Saberhagen? Don't even think about asking me for relief pitcher's names....

  2. I would have to use Google, considering I had yet to be born on April 3, 1988....good luck with the sets!