Sunday, October 23, 2011

Serial Numbered Insanity, the Genesis

Good Sunday morning to all, hope that your weekend has been great so far.  As promised yesterday, I will speak a little more on my crazy set that will hopefully take on a life of its own.  I've had a couple of requests from readers to keep them up to date from time to time on how the set is progressing.  I've decided to go one better, and have the set become a blog of its own.   The name?

Serial Numbered Insanity

My plan, hopefully, is to post two cards as day.  Of course, I do not have the requisite number of cards to post every day as of yet, but I have some coming in via trade from Chris at Nachos Grande (note to self, be sure to eat in the morning before you think of Chris's blog, that only makes the hunger worse if you don't).   In addition, Ted over at Crinkly Wrappers has mentioned that he is going to send some my way as well.  (Thank you Chris and Ted!!).  If you do send some my way, you will of course get a plug in the blog, not that a lot of you need it...

Please note, I do not need jersey or auto cards for this set.  That for me will just throw the cost of the set into the stratosphere.  I will be collecting just the various colored parallels from Topps products (gold, purple, bronze, black, and any other colors that may be numbered).  It doesn't just have to be from regular Topps as well.  It can be from Heritage or any other Topps release that has numbered parallels. 

Also, they can be from any year that Topps has produced serial numbered parallels.  See the example below:

Airbrushed ball heading into Galarraga's glove?

Two gold parallels from 2003 Topps that I found in my collection, and they fit perfectly into the set.  Naturally, the Galarraga will morph into a hit for the Senators portion of the set, but you get the idea.  These two cards will actually be my fifth post, I have the other 4 all ready and scheduled to post daily starting Thursday the 27th (yes, my birthday). 

I hope you take the time to follow the insanity; to be honest it will only be a couple of minutes out of your day, because there will not be a lot of blather over there (meaning you will not get the blather that comes daily with this blog!).  Questions?  Cards to help the insanity?  Comments are always welcome.

Thank you for reading, Robert  (19 days)


  1. is the set just baseball? Because I'm certain I have a pile of gold football parallels that are yours if you need them, and I'll be sure to double check for baseball ones.

  2. I'm sure I've got a few serial #ed extras around that I can send. The extra blog is a great idea. I was thinking of devoting a page to my awesome night card binder pursuit. Now you got me thinking blog. The insanity!