Saturday, October 1, 2011

2009 OPC box break...packs 19 through 24

Onto the next 6 my friends...

Pack 19:

251. A.J. Burnett
375. Daisuke Matsuzaka
403. Yovani Gallardo
450. Cliff Lee
571. Scott Elbert RC
84. Scott Olsen Black Parallel

Pack 20:

AW1. the Award Show Yadier Molina
21. Cla Meredith
136. Matt Lindstrom
498. Oliver Perez
583. Elvis Andrus
8. Brian Schneider Black Parallel

Pack 21.

AW20. the Award Show Dustin Pedroia
11. Jeff Baker
272. Pat Burrell
504. Astros team checklist
28. Torii Hunter Black Parallel
RM-29 Albert Pujols 79 OPC parallel

OK, for me, this card deserves some commentary.  I like it, and I don't like it as well, and let me explain why.  The card design is great, don't get me wrong here, the 79-80 OPC hockey set is one of my favorites of all time.  BUT, I believe that they missed the boat here, because the design was for hockey, and not baseball.  Plus, including hockey players in this insert set just is well....stupid as far as I'm concerned.  How about maybe mimicking another older baseball set instead?

Pack 22:

28. Torii Hunter
220. Ryan Howard
473. Dioner Navarro
552. Moments card
1328. Brooks Robinson 20th anniversary retrospective
228. Alex Hinshaw Black Parallel

Pack 23:

128. Rafael Perez
300. Tim Lincecum
502. Red Sox team checklist
508. Brewers team checklist Black Parallel
NY-14 Andy Pettite New York, New York insert (cool card, but it jipped me of a card in the pack)

Pack 24:

222. Craig Counsell
326. Andy Laroche
352. Chris Ray
387. Freddy Sanchez
510. Cubs Team Checklist
357. Russ Springer Black Parallel

Packs 25-30 far still a pretty decent box...

Thanks for reading, Robert

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