Thursday, October 27, 2011

I had the birthday blues...

But then I got some cards for my birthday, and all is right with the world again!!  Good Thursday evening to you all, getting ready for a great weekend I hope!

Yes, today is my birthday (ahem....44), and for me the start of a 4 day weekend.  I had my choice of birthday presents, and of course, cards always do the trick.  The wife and I went to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner, then in the same plaza is Wal-Mart, so we headed there to pick up some stuff for home, and hit aisle 21 as well.

After we picked up the groceries, I was given the green light to go choose what I liked.  I of course asked "what kind of budget do I have?", and $40 was my answer.  A raise!  Off I went to aisle 21, and sadly, pickings were kind of slim.

I figured that I had bought a few packs of update already, I may as well give it the go and try to put together the update set.  I grabbed a 72 card box, 4 rack packs and 3 regular packs, and the end of the birthday blues began.

Here's the highlights...

first, I got the blues back...

in this case, it was the Wal-Mart blues.  In case you were wondering, I believe this is color variation number 39 this year for Topps (I believe the only colors they haven't used yet are apple green, cadet gray and french lilac).

Next up, we're going to double your pleasure...

I was really stumped on how Koufax and Braun were on the same card.  Then I read the back, and learned an interesting fact, that Koufax's original surname was Braun, until his mother remarried and they took the Koufax name.  (see, fun and educational!!)

The Brooklyn dodgers uniform that Ethier is wearing reminds me of the KC Royals powder blues.  

Next up, some legends:

I think Topps ran out of players in the first two series, so they dipped back into the well again.  Saying that, I like the Nolan Ryan card, I was always a fan of the striped Astros unis, and this card really pops.

Next up, minis.....

I always liked the Kimball Champions, but the cards are just too damn small for me, to read and to handle..

Now, let's get drunk....


I noticed something today that I hadn't noticed before....notice the logo in the lower right of the Thurman Munson card.  None of the other cards have that feature.  I also took a look at the legends cards that I have in the diamond form from series 2...Rizutto and Bench, do not have the logo either.   The same thing is evident in the diamonds that I pulled....

As you can see here, none of the diamonds of current players have the logo in the lower right, but the next card you'll see does.

This guy gets his own spot

The babe

Weird huh?  Munson and the Babe have the team logo in the lower right.  Anyone else notice this at all?  

Finally, I pulled this from a pack.  What was interesting was as I was leafing through the cards, I saw the red border and thought to myself "oh no, not another color to deal with", and boy was I pleasantly surprised.

I pulled a Danny Duffy auto card.  I do really like the card and the auto, even if it is a sticker. 

See anything you like....the inserts/parallels/booze cards are up for trade....let me know in the comments.

Oh, and by the way, the insanity has begun.   Please take a look, if you dare....LOL

As always, thank you for reading, and happy Friday to you all....Robert


  1. Happy Birthday!!! and nice break.

  2. Happy birthday! I could use the Thompson and all the minis.

    We will work up some more (I probably have plenty of numbered parallels to help you out), but FYI I have Topps #573 to finish your set and Lineage #125 and 162. And I can work with you on Update when we get lists together.

  3. Great pull on the Duffy(s)! (making me jealous... ;-))

    Hope you had a happy birthday!

  4. Set aside the Kimballs if you would! Happy Birthday...I'm right behind you (well 10 months or so).

  5. Happy birthday!

    I would want a couple of those cards, but coincidentally I have them arriving from someplace else. (If Ethier-Kemp is available, I'd like that).

    Cool stuff for the birthday!

  6. To all, thank you for the birthday wishes, I do appreciate them.

    To Ryan, Potch and Greg (n.o.), I will email you all in the morning regarding the cards...

  7. Happy Birthday!

    I think the different logos are on the short prints. I pulled a Reggie Jackson short print and it had the same thing. You can see it in this scan here:

    Anyway, I'd be interested in either of the Sox cards, I've got lots of Blue Jays dupes if you'd be interested. Feel free to drop me an email.

  8. Matt, can you send me an email to rmitchell6700 AT yahoo DOT com please. I looked all over and was unable to find an email for you. Thanks

  9. Thanks for the e-mail Robert. I overlooked the comment ahead of mine. Distracted by Game 6 no doubt. No worries at all.