Saturday, October 22, 2011

Birthday week begins

Hello all, hope that you are getting the most out of your weekend so far.  Now I know what you are thinking.  Birthday week? Kind of contradictory, wouldn't you agree?  A week to celebrate one day?  I say, hell no.

We spend the whole year doing things for other people.  I work 48 weeks a year...yes due to my tenure at the company, I do get 4 weeks of vacation a year.  We spend most of our holidays doing things for other people, such as buying presents at Christmas, putting together visits and get togethers for other holidays such as Thanksgiving, 4th of July, etc.  How many weekends have you spent doing chores around the house, running the kids to God knows where.  I did this for years, and then I wondered  "when do I get time for myself?"

Birthdays.  The one day of the year where you are special.   People treat you like a king.  Presents come to you.  But after the one day, it's over just like that.  So, a few years back, I decided that  I'm using a week to celebrate my day!!!  Treat myself right, do things I want to do, take time off from work, that sort of thing.  Why limit the special time for yourself to just one day?

For me, birthday week began today.  Of course, I did things around the house (they just don't go away because of birthday week), but I did them at my own pace.  The wife and I normally do some kind of running on the weekends (groceries, etc.), but today was different.  I decided I was starting birthday week with some cards. 

I had a little extra dough in the budget due to the cheapness of last week, so I figured on visiting the LCS.  The wife was going to spend her time at her craft store picking up some things that she needed.  I dropped her off there, and decided to walk to the LCS, which is about 1/2 mile away.  On the way, there is a K Mart, so I decided to hunt in there first, see if there was any cheapo blasters of 2009 OPC left, because I've been unable to find any in my local big box stores.

I scoured the card rack, and found one...score at 40% off!!  I keep looking, and jackpot!  4 more sitting off to the left, all priced at 40% off.  I grabbed 3 of them altogether, and for $38 including tax, I made out with more than I would have received had I purchased a hobby box at the same price (3 blasters=45 packs, hobby box only 36).

After that little purchase, I still had some coin left in the budget, and decided to keep on going to the LCS.  My primary goal was to finish off my Lineage set from this year.  First question I asked the shop owner, "do you have any Lineage singles", his reply "I have no singles of any products from this year at all".   HUH?  That response truly blew me away.  How in the world do you run a card shop, and not have one single from any products out this year. 

Don't think I'm going back there any time soon.  I did however buy some packs, I grabbed 3 of 09 Heritage High Numbers (I've had decent luck with those), and 3 Hobby packs of '11 Update (yeah I know, last weeks rant).  But I had to have something to scan and show you all...

Nothing major came from the 09 High's, one chrome that you'll see in a moment.

As far as the Update goes....


When you buy retail for so long, you tend to forget that hobby packs are different.  There were two each of the liquor cards in the first two packs, and one plus a regular diamond parallel in the 3rd pack (Chris Gimenez of the Mariners).  Need em for a team set?  They are for trade, just let me know. 

I also pulled Topps 60 cards of Cy Young (135) and Fergie Jenkins (117), these are also for trade if you're trying to complete the set.  Now the scan of the serial numbered cards...

Two more towards serial numbered insanity.  Oh, by the way, that's going to be the name of the blog that will describe my pursuit of this serial numbered set of mine.  More on that tomorrow. 

1st Yankee of the set, Andruw Jones from this years update, will be card # 982.  On the bottom is Matt LaPorta of the Indians, he will be card # 627.

Should be a good week for posts, I have 3 blaster boxes of 09 OPC to go through, keeping on with the "how many packs does it take to build the 2009 OPC set" theme. 

By the way, in case you were wondering, my actual birthday isn't until next Thursday

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Ooh! I'll trade you for the Kemp liquorfractor!

  2. It has been put aside for you as of now Greg, I'm working on the serial numbered crazy set, keep me in mind...

  3. I'll take that Adrian liquorfractor if it's still available. I'm looking for some serial numbers for you.