Saturday, June 11, 2016

Filling orders at the speed of light

I love when sellers fill orders fast and get them to you at the speed of light.   Case in point:

I placed a Sportlots order on Wednesday evening with one of my favorite sellers on the site, cogrinch.  In my mailbox this afternoon was my order, well packaged and complete.  Even better, these cards traveled from Colorado to South Florida in just 2 days.

It just doesn't get any better than that.

I put a nice dent into the 2015 A&G want list I've had on the blog for a while now.  I'm hoping to get the set completed before '16 A&G comes out this summer. 

I'll have to find another copy of the McCutchen Starting Points for my McCutchen PC.  I had no idea that Josh Donaldson started his career as a catcher.  What a helluva switch for him to go to 3rd base!  Probably added 5 years to his career, and he's already won an MVP award with the Jays.  I looked up his stats and was shocked to see that in the 3 years he played in the playoffs for Oakland, he didn't have one HR or RBI.

In order to beef up the order a bit, I picked up a dozen assorted parallels from the '14 want lists.  Didn't slow the order down one bit...

Finally, this last card is for the Night Owl.  His last package that he sent he offered to trade some snow for some bikinis, so I figured that I would at least hook him up with one bikini...

There you go Greg, stay warm!!

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I'm a fan of Sportlots and cogrinch is one of my favorite sellers. Love all the parallels you picked up.

  2. Very nice. It was 75-ish today. Still not quite bikini weather (although we had a 90-degree day a few weeks ago).

    I'm so far behind on my 2015 A&G completion quest. But seeing them altogether like this reminds me why I'm not getting on my horse. So many tight head shots.