Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Yes, it's still going

The one project that has been going for almost the entire length that this blog has been running is the Serial Numbered Insanity set.   I haven't had the opportunity to add to the set lately (nor have I thought a lot about it), but leave it up to an old reliable PWE sender to get me thinking about the project again.

Pat from the Hot Corner Cards blog sent me a single card yesterday, bringing me one card closer to completion.

Serial # 618

A very young looking Alberto Arias becomes the 1255th card in the set.  Once lagging way behind, the Rockies are now creeping closer to the finish line.   The Rockies now have 45 cards out of the 50 needed for the set, pretty much negating the worries I had a few months back about how I was going to get this particular team completed.

Now about those Tigers.....

Thank you for the card Pat, much appreciated!

thanks for reading, Robert

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