Monday, October 6, 2014


I don't know how he managed it.  Club PWE Maestro Jeff from the 2x3 heroes blog sent me an envelope of Blue Jays cardboard which arrived on my doorstep this past weekend.  Inside was a smorgasbord of cards that I needed to mark off of what seems to be an infinite Blue Jays want list that I've posted.

What did he manage you ask?  He hit 19 different sets on the want list.  1 card from each.

Let's start with a trio of horizontal cards...

Let's see, we have a two time HR champ, proof that one of the Molina brothers spent some time behind the dish in Toronto, and a Canadian that sadly only lasted one season with the Jays before being traded for Brian Wolfe.

Yep, that's 6 pitchers, each from a different set.  They go as far back as the Tom Henke Fleer All-star sticker from '88, all the way up to the 2013 Panini Hometown Heroes Dave Stieb.  That 2008 UD Josh Banks in the lower right corner is his RC, which he earned after pitching all of 3 games in Toronto in 2007. 

I enjoyed both of the Cracker Jack releases from the mid 00's; I was kind of sad that it never came back.  The Fred McGriff checklist on the far right is from the '89 UD set, and finally puts that particular set's want list to bed.

Believe it or not, my favorite of these 5 guys is Frank Catalanotto.  Did nothing flashy during his 4 years with the Jays, but his average was solid every season (.299, .293, .301, .300).  Again, 5 different players, 5 different sets.

Finally, here are my 2 favorites:

Love the Bowman Heritage Ricky Romero RC.  I don't know if it's just the green in the background, but his hat appears to have a bit of a green tinge to it.  No matter though, to me it's a sharp looking card and I'm glad to finally have it.

The Jose Reyes '14 black parallel was the centerpiece of the envelope.  It is #'d 08/63, and it is the first black parallel I own from this year's release.  I never bothered to put up the black parallel want list from the past couple of years, because I don't realistically expect to own more than a handful of these cards.  I decided to take a quick look at eBay to see what some of the cards are going for.   I saw a Josh Thole BIN for $2.99 (not bad), and I also spotted a couple of Jose Bautista cards going for $15 apiece. 

Jeff, fantastic envelope, thank you very much!  The cards are really appreciated.

thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. I went through some cards I have and I have a few on you Blue Jays want list to send your way. I just need your address, you can email me at

    Nice cards by the way. I like the Tom Henke card, I have a few of his cards, I need to see if there are any you need.