Monday, October 27, 2014

By the page: Joe Carter

It's been a long time coming, but the anniversary of Joe Carter's walk off homer to win the '93 Series was just the other day, so it's time to dust off a 9 pocket sheet of cards for the man...

Top row:  Shiny

Seems to be a recurring theme for me on these pages.   When you feature a lot of players that appeared for the Jays during the 90's, I guess you're going to get a lot of cards that are bright.  I am especially fond of the Denny's Grand Slam card on the right; it might be the only card of a Jays player that I own that bears the Denny's name.

Middle row:   The base

The Select card picturing Joe's triumphant lap around the bases was an easy choice for the center card.  I originally had the base version of the Score card that is featured in the top left, but changed my mind and went with the '91 Upper Deck card on the right.  I really like the sleeveless red Canada Day jersey that is featured on the left as well, that card being part of the UD Timeless Teams set.

Bottom row:  The inserts

I unintentionally managed to put three different manufacturers on this row.  I was curious to see how Carter fared vs. Randy Johnson during his career; not too bad actually, .283 average, 3HR and 8 RBI in 60 ABs.  Joe struck out 16 times versus 17 total hits off of RJ.  The Dominators card was also interesting, it touted Joe as the 5th leading Home Run producer of the 90's at the time it was released (94).  Joe hit 124 HRs during the first 4 seasons of the 90's.

Not a bad page for Carter.   I will have plenty of opportunities to show off more pages of Joe, as there are still numerous cards of him in the box. 

Thanks for reading, Robert

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