Saturday, October 4, 2014

'59 Topps Set Build: #1/572 Dick Drott

This is the 1st of 572 posts related to my quest to build the 1959 Topps set.  I plan on having a lot of fun doing these posts, and learning a little something about the players and the cards in this set.   I hope that you will have fun with these as well.

#15:  Dick Drott, Chicago Cubs

Career beginnings:  Dick was signed by the Cubs as an amateur free agent in 1954.

Awards/League Leader/Titles:  

  • Dick placed 3rd in rookie of the year voting in 1957
  • He led the NL in walks during the '57 season with 129
  • He was not part of a championship club
Dick passed away from stomach cancer in 1985 at the age of 49.

Career Line:  27-46  4.78 ERA and 1.499 WHIP over 7 MLB seasons
Loved to face:  Bill Mazeroski (5/40  .125  1 HR 6K)
Hated to face:  Harry Anderson (11/24  .458  3HR 11 RBI)

How did he do in 1959?  1-2 with a 5.93 ERA in 8 appearances (6 starts), his season was limited due to arm issues.
  • He pitched a complete game shutout vs. Milwaukee on June 14th, scattering 7 hits in a 6-0 win.
Ban the DH? (I will use this for pitchers, inspired by Pittsburgh broadcaster Bob Walk)  Dick was actually a decent hitting pitcher; two different seasons he hit .273, and he finished his career with a .168 average.   

About the card

  • This is Dick's 2nd card release, his RC was card #80 in the '58 Topps set.  The cartoon on the back is kind of funny.  First, one usually thinks of strikeout pitchers as throwing flames, not lightning bolts (at least I do).  Also, are those boots he's wearing?  It has to be tough pitching with those on.
  • The front of the card is a plain head shot, with Dick staring upwards at heaven knows what.  I've noticed from the first few dozen cards that I've acquired that this is a common theme. 
  • The black front with yellow letters reminds is one of 13 different color combinations that I've identified in the first group of cards. 
  • I picked this card up at a card show, which is where I imagine I'll end up getting the majority of the set.  I'll do my best to keep track of this as well.
 Thanks for reading, Robert

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