Saturday, May 24, 2014

What's Next? Play-in match #2 1972 Topps vs 1971 Topps

Wow, I didn't even realize that when I first ran the randomizer that this was an early round match up.  In any other world, this could have easily been the final to determine the winner, but instead, one of the big boys gets knocked out early.

Tale of the tape:

  1.  Set Size:  1972 has 787 cards.  1971 has 752 cards
  2.  Key RCs:  1972  Fisk/Cooper, Cey/Oglivie    1971  Steve Garvey, Baker/Baylor
  3.  Cost of complete set in NM condition:  1972  $1500      1971  $2500
  4.  Number of cards with high book at $100 or more:   1972: 1       1971: 4

1972 Topps  vs.   1971 Topps

This was the first time that I spotted the '72 Topps blog hosted by Douglas.   He is counting the cards down starting from 787 and working his way towards #1.

The 1971 blog is written by the Night Owl, and as always is a quality read.  Greg is daring to be different and working his way from card #1 to the end (or is that the norm...).

Since last night, Jim from Downingtown has informed us that the polls are still not working.  So, if everyone would be so kind as to leave their vote in the comments on this post, that would be greatly appreciated!!

thanks for reading, and voting!   Robert


  1. Poll widget is broken, bro. I'm having problems with it on my blog as well. Don't know when/if it's going to be fixed.

    1. I see that, I appreciate you letting me know!! If you have a favorite and would like to vote, I'd love to hear what you have to say! Thanks,

    2. Also of note, apparently, is that I can't read. 1972 all the way.

  2. Tough. These both rank in my Top 5 Topps sets ever made, but I'd have to give a slight edge to '72.

  3. I'll go with '72 as well. It's just so representative of it's era.

  4. I'm voting for '71. I'm trying to complete '72, I don't need any more competition!

  5. I would have 1971 up until just recently. But I vote 1972.

  6. 1972. It's the last set I collected as a kid. I like the innovation of the "In Action" cards. Also the first appearance of a "traded subset", albeit only a few cards.

  7. 1972. So many neat cards. The Clemente is classic.

  8. It's tough. 72 has a pretty recognizable look to it, but the photos in 71 are really hard to beat. Flipping a coin 10 times - heads is 71 and tails is 72.

    heads = 3
    tails = 7

    1972 wins.

  9. Having just completed the 71 set and within 20 cards of completing the 72 set. I know them both well. These are bothe sets I also collected as a kid.the 72 set is monstrous and has a lot of high number non stars that can be pricey. I vote 71

  10. Have never owned so much as a single from either set, but always thought the 72 set was spectacular because if the 'In Action' series. Count another vote for '72 for me.

  11. I've seen the '71 around way too much. Time to give the '72 set some love.

  12. As I noted on the voting results post, I vote for 1972. That, of course, makes no sense at all. Welcome to my Random world.