Sunday, May 25, 2014

The itch

First off, I have to say congratulations to Josh Beckett for throwing the first no hitter of the 2014 campaign.   I was surprised to hear that this was the first no-no for the Dodgers since 1996 (Nomo). 

Now, the other day I celebrated my 7th wedding anniversary, and a very good friend of mine asked me if I was itchy.  Naturally, being the men that we are, the text messages started flying back and forth, including such wonderful phrases as quickie, slap and tickle, touch and go, etc etc.

I didn't tell him that the itch I had was to rip some packs of cards, something I hadn't done for a few weeks.  During a trip to Wal Mart on Saturday, I picked up a rack pack each of Bowman and Heritage from this year, along with a box of Prizm hockey which was 40% off!

Now, I've had zero luck with Heritage so far, and this continues with the 1 pack I picked up.  The only card of note in the pack was a Bill Cosby Flashback.

Even though Mr. Cosby has thoroughly entertained me for decades, this card doesn't have a place in my collection.

Now, I've seen a lot of Bowman hit the blogosphere over the past few weeks, but I still had no desire to go after the product.   The only reason I did buy the rack pack on Saturday was to see if I could get some trade bait.

Let's start with the purple people eaters...

0 for 3.  Meaning I have no idea who any of these fine gentlemen are.

Now I'm sure that there are people out there that just dig on this set, because they love the prospect part of it.

For me, it's tough when I don't have any idea who the players are.  I don't follow baseball that in depth in order to derive any enjoyment out of sets such as Bowman.

The only reason I know this guy is because I follow enough blogs to have seen his name once or twice.

Now at least I've heard of this guy.  The chrome scanned really well on this card.  It is also a mini if you are interested in this gentleman at all.

Finally, I did manage to snag one numbered card.   I know this guy...

The card is numbered 368/500.   Don't need it for the SNI set, unfortunately.  So it becomes just another part of this post.

See anything you need here?   Comment/email, and I'll get it to you as quick as I can. 

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I went to the Tennessee Smokies game last night. Saw Kris Bryant smack his 13th HR of the season. Southern League leader in that category. He looks like, and is, a baseball player. Someone to look for in the big leagues soon enough.

  2. Joc, of course. .... And I share your sentiments on Bowman.

  3. I'll take the Bostick in a future package.