Monday, May 5, 2014


I might have overdone it a little bit.  The Sportlots purchase I made the weekend before last contained 100 cards, a lot of them featuring Jim Thome.  I showed quite a few of them in a couple of previous posts, and have even more for you tonight.

How about a few Leaf/Donruss examples to start?

Interesting that all 7 examples from this brand all feature Thome in some variation of a hitting pose.  Yea, I counted him adjusting his batting glove as a "hitting pose". 

Topps/Bowman was able to sneak in a fielding pose on the 2002 Bowman card, and the Hit Parade features something that Thome wasn't well known for, base running.  19 steals in 22 big league seasons will attest to that. 

These next 4 cards are probably my favorite of the entire lot...Heritage

The eyes are a little spooky on the 2002 card, reminiscent of some of the '52 Topps cards.  My favorite is the reproduction of the '57 Topps card with Thome kneeling and using the bat as a prop.  It's hard not to like any of the Heritage cards, maybe that's telling me something...

This group of 17 will put me over the 150 mark for the Thome collection (once I catalog them, hopefully tomorrow).  I still have a little more than a dozen left to show off.  This big purchase is something that I'm glad I did; it was a good way to knock off a lot of base cards quickly and cheaply.

I'll probably do this once more before year's end, without the severe overload.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Huge fan of Sportlots. I use it to pick up cheap Ichiros and Gwynns all of the time.

  2. Hey Robert, it has been a while!

    Great looking lot of cards from Sportlots. Like Fuji, I've grabbed some of my favorite PC fringe cards for dirt cheap there. One can almost make the case that "more is less" with the combined shipping, but perhaps that's just me. ; )