Friday, May 16, 2014

Can't beat 10 cents a card

Little did I think I would encounter a box like this at the card show I went to today...

10c apiece  60s--70s--80s vintage.  

I had to rub my eyes and clean my glasses to make sure I wasn't seeing things.

OK, I look again and I'm not seeing things.  Then I think to myself that these cards are going to be "well loved", for lack of a better phrase.

About 20 minutes of digging, and I didn't fare too badly.

Some 1970 Topps cards made their way home.

Not bad for 60 cents.

There were even some decent '71s in the box

Another 60 cents well spent.

I even managed to dig out a '61 and a '69.

Yep, that's a tape stain on the top of the Juan Pizarro card, but for 10 cents, I figured why not?  I've always liked the color on the back of the '69s as well...

For me, this set has one of the easiest backs to read of any of the older sets.  Love the cartoon as well, the guy is knee deep in snow, and yet the football manages to stay right on top of it all, no problems. 

I managed to pull out about 50 cards from that dime box altogether.  Some '72s, '78s and '79s as well.
It's too bad I still wasn't building the '75 set, because there were a lot of those.

I'm sure that had he seen this box, Nick would have had a field day....

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Nice finds, Robert! That's like a dream dime box for me. I'm especially fond of that '71 Jesus Alou.

  2. Dime box vintage = Awesome!

  3. I assume you were at the Robert Morris show? I was really surprised by the number of .05 and .10 vintage boxes I saw. In past years I would find a few here and there, but it seemed like they were pretty common.

    I'll be back today - if you're there say hi! I'll be the guy with the big black beard wearing a pinstriped McCutchen jersey. Not much chance for mistaken identity!

    1. Mark, yes I was at the Robert Morris show. Unfortunately I will not get a chance to go back this weekend.

      Yea, there were a lot of cheap five and dime boxes there. I was also surprised at how slow it was, and watching some dealers leaving around 730-745 was also surprising.