Monday, July 15, 2019

Binder worthy

More dime finds from the monthly card show today.   This group of '70 Topps brings this set build close to 50% (actually just 2 cards shy) and will prompt me to get them put into pages and in a binder within the next week.

Scan looks a bit blurry to me, although it could be my eyes hallucinating from the heat down here in south Florida.  Two straight days with Rico Carty in a post, although this card was about $1.50 cheaper than the '69 I showed yesterday.

While still not the greatest looking set, '70 Topps is growing on me a bit.   I'm starting to notice little things, such as the Red Sox card of Vicente Romo in the upper left corner.  Wondering why the Red Sox lettering isn't in red.  Carl Yastrzemski's lettering is in red.  The one other Red Sox card I found on a quick search of what I have has the same yellow lettering.

The two A's pitchers that I found both have A) their hands over their head, and B) black lettering on the A's in the upper right corner.   The lettering for the team name doesn't seem to have any rhyme or reason that I've figured out (yet).  Maybe someone out there has more insight into this

This last group of 5 brings today's total to 23, a nice add for a dime apiece from an early 70's set.  The checklist?  Has only one card checked, card #542.  You guessed it, #542 is the 6th series checklist.

I'll never figure out how I managed to add almost 360 of these cards to my collection.   I haven't chased them on purpose even once over the years.   They just seem to find their way into my pile at card shows more often than I can imagine....

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  1. 360 cards is pretty awesome for someone who hasn't actively been seeking singles. Hope more and more find their way into card show piles.

  2. The card show routine now isn't going in with a plan, it's just hoping I find something for the collection. I've been quite lucky the last few times I've gone in....