Saturday, June 8, 2019

Over The Hillier

I've had a good run of trading over the past 3 weeks at the TCDB website, and a trade that I received today from far away North Dakota helped me finish my fourth set this year.

Interesting that this card of Randy Hillier finishes the 198 card 1991-92 OPC Premier set for me because it features Randy in his final stop of his 10 year career, as a member of the Buffalo Sabres.  Interesting because I thought that this might be the only "mainstream" card that would feature him in a Sabres jersey, as he was acquired during the 91-92 season from the Islanders.   Turns out, the trade was in October, early enough in the season for Pro Set to get 2 cards of him in the blue and gold, and Pinnacle to have 1.

Randy was a part of the big trade between the Islanders and Sabres that saw superstars Pat LaFontaine and Pierre Turgeon change teams. 

I'm glad to see this set finished as it sat in the closet as part of a bigger box of hockey cards for a very long time.  Just one more set to hit the soft goal of 5 completed sets during 2019!!

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  1. It's always jarring for me to see cards of other sports on what I consider to be a baseball card design (since that's all I know!).

  2. Great little set to complete. Lots of star power in those 198 cards. Congratulations!