Thursday, March 7, 2019


Before you read any further, there are no naked women or anything that could be labelled pornographic at all in this post.  If you were hoping for that, you can leave now.

(Hears all the mouse clicks and browsers moving on....)

OK, now that all the riff raff have left, this post documents my 20th trade on the TCDB site in 2019.  I mentioned in yesterday's post that I had put up want lists for a couple of early 90's hockey sets that I'd put on the back burner.   Today's cards come from another set that I had long abandoned.

2008 Upper Deck X was a set that I had a fascination with quite a few years ago, but quickly abandoned it as I wasn't able to get any trades/cards come my way.   I found the cards I had a few days ago, and decided to put them up on TCDB.

Quickly, I found a trade partner, a new one to be exact in Pat (TCDB ID: itsjustoldcardboard) and struck up a deal trading off some of the Magnificent Moons cards from '18 A&G for these 5 cards.

Hey, it's 5 more X's than I pulled a few years ago the first time around.  Still need 65 more to go, but finding these quickly gives me a bit of hope that I can find some more over time.  

It is exciting for me to find new trade partners, and I'm sure Pat probably was happy getting these cards out of his house for some cards that he could use.

I know I feel that way...

Thanks for the trade Pat, look forward to many more!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I wasn't collecting at this time, but always seem to get some of these in trade packages. Must have been a plentiful set.