Friday, December 21, 2018

The obsession with TCDB is really working for me

Yes, the better part of my collecting/hobby time the past couple of months has been spent:

  • adding cards to my trade list at the Trading Card Database
  • sending trades out with members of the Trading Card Database
  • digging cards out of the many boxes I have in my closet to get them organized and listed on the Trading Card Database
One statement that my wife has said many, many times to me is "I have no idea how you know which cards are in what boxes."  Well, I can honestly say that it was quite the struggle to find cards for a long time.   Working on adding cards to my trade list & my want lists has helped me organize quite a bit.

I've found a couple of hockey sets that I wanted to put together, but never really did anything about them.  Until recently....

2007-08 OPC was a set that I started buying packs for when it came out, I got about 40% done, then promptly set it aside.

To me, the 2009-10 OPC set was the "ugly duckling" of the OPC sets for a long time.  I like the colors at the top of the card where "O-Pee-Chee" is written, but the rest of the border is not the greatest looking.   I never did buy packs for the set at the time, but picked up a few cards here and there over the years in nickel and dime boxes, with the hopes of one day putting the set together.

With my recent push back to my set building roots, both of these sets are now part of my hockey
"set building" box, along with all the others that I have want lists for.

The cards in the scans above came my way from new trading partner Rob (User ID:halos17) on the TCDB.  There was also a trio of PC cards in the package

The Olerud collection is now at 80 cards, while the Fitzgerald collection has quickly developed and stands at 202. 

Rob also snuck these 4 bonus cards into the envelope:

The '84 want list has taken a really good beating over the past 4 weeks; the set is now closing in on 80% complete. 

The best part about the site so far is that every trader I've dealt with packaged cards very well, and people have let me know if any of the cards I've asked for have been in less than perfect condition.

Rob, thanks for the trade, it is appreciated!

The obsession continues....

Thanks for reading!



  1. Once you get in there and starting doing stuff on the TCDB, it really is really appeals to collectors, organizers, and hobbyists for sure.

  2. TCDB has to be the biggest hobby trend of 2018. One of these days I'll hop on that hobby train.

  3. I'm afraid of TCDB. I'm already short on hobby time. If I begin obsessing over my obsession...

  4. Plenty of great cards. I've just started down the TCDB road thanks to Billy's suggestion. A little daunting at the moment but love what it does for me from a orgainizational standpoint. I've never seen the OPC set. I like the colors and can handle the borders but the ginormous logo dead center at the top is too much. lol Good stuff and great cards.

  5. Glad to help you out, Robert! I appreciate you blogging about TCDB. I hope it funnels more potential trade partners into the site!

    FYI to all reading this, TCDB is more than just an encyclopedia of cards. It's an entire community of collectors and most importantly, wonderfully generous traders!

    Come join us!