Friday, October 5, 2018

A little bit unexpected

One of the most entertaining blogs out there for me is The Chronicles of Fuji, as Mark is one of the most open and honest writers there is out there.

Mark had sent me an email a couple of weeks back letting me know that he was sending a bunch of 1982 Topps cards my way.  Very much appreciated!  What I didn't know is that on the side, he had a trio of cards for me that brought a smile to my face also.

Instantly, I see the Adam Lind jersey card from '11 A&G and I think "don't I have this already?"  So I look at my Blue Jays hits page, and scrolling down a bit I do find the exact same card there, with the exact same gray swatch! It's been a while since I've looked at the page, so I take a minute to look and I realize that a good portion of my Jays "hit" collection features Adam Lind.  This A&G card becomes the 3rd item that I have a pair of for Adam. 

The Mike McCoy autograph is also a cool item, not only does it bear his signature, but it's serial #'d 2/499.   What better thing to send to a serial #'d junkie than a hit that feeds his addiction.  

One question for Mike if he ever reads this (which I'm sure he probably won't), how sore was your hand after 499 signatures?

This was also a great card, and very topical as Nazem Kadri started the season off right with a pair of assists in Toronto's opening night victory over the Canadiens.   It would be cool if my favorite team met Mark's favorite San Jose Sharks in the Stanley Cup Final this year (I will admit the Sharks have a better chance to get there than Toronto does).  We'll have to wait a few months and see though.

Next up, the '82 Topps bounty that came my way....

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. It would definitely be cool to see the Sharks and Maple Leafs in the Finals together. I'm still a huge Patrick Marleau fan, so I'll be pulling for your team when they're not playing the Sharks.