Saturday, June 30, 2018

Minor 9er

To this day I still remember my first day of high school, nervous and sweaty.  Used to walk the halls going to my next class and hearing the upper classmen call us "Minor 9ers", hence the inspiration for this post.

Daniel at It's like having my own card shop recently celebrated his blog's 9th anniversary and challenged the blogosphere to write a post containing 9 cards.  Anything at all.

So I'm sneaking my contest entry in under the wire, and writing about 9 of my player collections.

Still not quite at 100 cards, the Brett Lawrie train has slowed down over the past year.  I'll probably pick it up again at some point, but I'm sure that I'll be able to find cards cheaper as time goes on.

The John Olerud PC is something I should have started a long time ago.  I have 48 of his cards now, no hits or autos yet so I scanned this '92 Topps gold winner card  to show.  This is a PC that will grow over time as well, no rush.

I started collecting Keith Tkachuk a long time ago, but stopped for a long time.  I have just 72 of his cards, no hits or autos on this PC as well. 

Felix Potvin I just added to the PC train a few months ago, but have never really sat down to find out how many of his cards I have.   Need to rectify that.  I do have some nice jersey cards, and a pair of Mask cards as well, so his collection is coming along nicely.

 I recently found about a dozen pages of his cards in a binder, so this PC should be well over 100 cards now.  As with any Leaf player, any time I find a blue jersey card it's going to be added quickly.

I have almost 120 Andrew McCutchen cards now, but this is the only jersey card of his that I own.  I've been too busy adding parallels to his PC recently to worry about "hits". 

I'm already closing in on 150 Larry Fitzgerald cards, and I'm going to say this.  I really don't give a shit that this is one of the manufactured patch cards, I really love this card.   It has become one of my favorite pieces of any of my PC's.

Some times posts such as this make you dig up cards you forgot you had.  Ultimate Collection Thome jersey #'d out of 25.  Doesn't matter that it's a Philadelphia patch on a White Sox card.   Love it.   Have over 500 Thome cards now, and about 15 jersey/bat cards.

This guy will always be my no. 1 PC.   Over 700 Sakic cards in my collection and counting, I will never get tired of adding cards of him to my collection.  Love the three colors on this jersey card, it is probably one of my top 3 Sakic jersey cards.   Still have a lot more of him to add.

I didn't include Ichiro in my PC countdown, largely because I had to stop at 9 and he became the odd man out.

Thanks for the contest Daniel!!

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Nice player collections! Thanks for entering my contest!