Monday, June 11, 2018

Going through the closet: 2011 Topps Chrome

A few years back, it was all about putting the sets together, and not really looking at what was inside them.   I whipped through this 220 card set and found that while the set looks nice because it's shiny, and it has a lot of rookies at the end of it, to me it was nothing spectacular.

Of course, there were a few cards that made me stop and look twice.  Wouldn't be much of a post if there weren't any....

I really didn't stop until I hit card #80, which is Joe Mauer ripping another baseball.   The card looks better in hand as you can see the crowd a little better.  Something about this card just screamed old school for me.  Not sure why, maybe it's the pinstripes.

The very next card in the set was Mat Latos, who has been on Twitter the past day or 2 for throwing a ball over a batter's head in the minors, triggering a bench clearing brawl.   Looking up his stats I see that he threw 3 starts in Toronto last year.   I missed all 3 of those, and now he's pitching in the CanAm league.  I remember when this card came out how he was one of the better starters in the NL; funny how things can change over time.

It's been a while since he was called Mike.  I prefer Giancarlo as he does.  Just seems to suit him more.  He only needs 18 more HRs to hit 300.  I think 500 is well within his reach, but I'm not sure that 600 is possible.  We'll see...

There's probably been a few people over the years that have shown this card on their blogs.  I may have even done so once.  The overhead shot with the ball on its way to the plate is a great photo.

Nice double dip shot for GCRL.  Elvis Andrus makes this look easy.  I believe that's Cody Ross who was with the Giants at the time that is getting forced at 2nd.

The last 50 cards are RC's, which I don't remember worrying about a whole lot back at the time I was putting the set together.  Freddie Freeman and Eric Hosmer are also among the rookie crop that includes Chris Sale shown above.   It surprises me, and then again it doesn't, that there isn't more action on Sale RC's; I guess collectors are into chasing the latest and greatest now and not proven veteran stars so much.

I don't recall having to chase this set very much when putting it together.  I'm sure that a few years ago that there were so many people buying these that trades were probably easy to come by.

This will probably be the only Chrome set I'll ever own.   Doesn't bother me in the least.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. I love the 2011 Topps design. The Chrome finish does hide some of the photo details but the cards are still very nice-especially the Mauer. You make a great point about the Sale RC.