Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Try a Pack #12: 2018 Donruss Baseball

Yes, I have weakened a bit over the past couple of weeks and bought some new product.  I was very curious about Donruss baseball since I really hadn't seen any on the blogs (that I've noticed).  So while at Target on the weekend, I stopped at the card aisle and grabbed a hanger box of this years product, largely because of the "5 Exclusive Holo Green Parallels" boast on the front of the box.

I have to say that I don't mind this product.   I don't love it, but for me it's not a throwaway either.

First the base set.  It's OK.  I'd maybe rate it a 6 out of 10.  Nothing flashy here but I did find a couple of interesting things...

Two different versions of the Reggie Jackson card; I especially like the one on the right with the sleeveless uniform top.  I did a quick search on TCDB, and it appears that the one on the right is a SP.  Interesting that I found both copies in the same pack. 

Speaking of SP's, I found a couple of others.   Both of them a couple of names you might recognize...

So, that's 3 SPs in the box so far.  Makes me wonder already how short printed these cards are.

Remember when Diamond Kings were cards that featured great artistic renderings of your favorite players?   Not here.  These I would say were a big disappointment for me. 

I managed to pull 2 of the 20 Rated Rookie cards out of the box.  Devers I know, Crawford, not so much. 

I did manage to pull one teal bordered parallel #'d to 199.  I'm sure that this will fit in someone's collection.  I had no idea Clayton Kershaw was known as The Humanitarian.  I guess that tells me how far behind I am on baseball nicknames.

Now these I like.  The '84 Retro parallels look really good to me.  I would love to have the Blue Jays versions of these for myself.  I'm sure that most of these cards will fit in other people's collections rather than mine.   It was also a shame to hear about Robinson Cano and his positive test.  How big a dent does that put in his potential HOF chances down the road?

I did manage to snag one good card for myself, the Holo Green '84 Retro Andrew McCutchen card.  This goes right into the binder.  The scanner doesn't do the Holo Green any justice, as the borders have a nice shine in hand.

The other 4 guys?  I'm sure that someone out there wouldn't mind having any or all of these for their collection.  I did a quick ebay search of the Aaron Judge card, and thankfully it's not going for some astronomical price (yet) so it wouldn't be the worst thing if a Yankees fan comes calling for it, or the '84 retro version above.

I kind of like this set, it isn't anything flashy, and my luck at pulling some pretty cool cards might tempt me to go and buy another hanger box this weekend. 

But don't expect me to put together this set anytime soon. 

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. The Humanitarian? Really? I bet only Dodger fans know that's his nickname.
    Thanks for showing off your packs. I haven't purchased any 2018 product for myself yet, so I'll take as much as I can through the blogs.

  2. I agree on Diamond Kinds. Those are confusing.

    Cool Judge cards! I like the All Rise one.

  3. Ha! I have a Donruss post scheduled to be published tomorrow, and I'll be echoing a lot of those same thoughts! One thing I learned was the SP have a black baseball on the back, which makes them fairly easy to identify!