Sunday, September 10, 2017

Irmageddon, part 3--the day of reckoning

I'm writing this post on Saturday morning while we still have power.  As of right now the projected path of the hurricane is taking the eye of the storm over the west coast of Florida (I'm on the east coast).  We shall see how it goes today, I'll provide updates when I can on twitter.

But for now, I'm going to clean up the goalie cards that I have left in the collection today.

#'s 116 132 & 148

Decided to make one scan of just horizontal cards; it turns out that two of the three just happen to be of Tom Barrasso.  Both feature pretty good shots of his mask, and two different masks no less!   Have another shot of Steve Shields' Sharks mask, a classic.

#'s 120 129 134 146 160 165

There's Fleury's yellow equipment again.  I'd love to have a card that features him in his Winter Classic mask paying tribute to the Steelers.  Stephane Fiset's igloo mask was always a favorite for me.  Guy Hebert's Ducks mask with the duck wings on the side is always a good one to have in any goalie set as well.

#'s 166 171 174 177 180 182 198 199 & 218

In the upper left corner, you have a mask featuring the Michigan Wolverines on Shawn Hunwick.  It will be very hard for me to replace that one, along with the Norm Maracle Atlanta Thrashers mask in the center.  Some other classics on this page as well, with Patrick Roy, Martin Brodeur and one of the many masks of Carey Price. 

That's it for the cards that I owned so far.  I still have another post or two of the cards that were sent to me from Mike at the NABCB blog; I'm hoping to have those done before too long.

Here we go!!

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. God luck, man, hope the storm isn't too bad for you.

  2. Be safe!

    I look forward to seeing a bunch more Shields, Turco, and Hunwick if you have 'em!