Friday, September 8, 2017

Irmageddon, part 1

Landfall is imminent now, so I'm just going to rifle off three quick posts for the weekend and then batten down the hatches.

Just have the front shutters to close and lock up, move the BBQ into the garage, and that's it.  36 hours of insanity will begin sometime tomorrow.

I'm going to post most of the rest of the goalie cards I have for my frankenset so far during this weekend hurricane, and then we'll see how things are once Monday rolls around.

#'s 2 8 11 13 16 & 33

Love the Linus Ullmark card, it reminds me of Patrick Lalime's tribute to Marvin the Martian.   I've always been a big fan of the Artifacts release from Upper Deck, and I'm hoping that I can find a few more goalies to put in from them.

#'s  39 42 47 50 52 & 53

Marc Andre Fleury's yellow equipment and the Beezer's Panther mask are the two highlights from this six pack of cards.

Speaking of six packs, the wife and I may be drinking one or two of those this weekend.

Stay safe, Robert