Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Great Reorg #300: 1979 Topps Mike Willis

Dig the classic road powder blues on lefty reliever Mike Willis on this '79 Topps card.  The Jays picked him with the 55th pickup of the '76 expansion draft from the Orioles.  His entire MLB career consisted of 5 seasons with the Jays between 1977-1981.

After a couple of decent seasons in the Jays first two years of existence, 1979 was a nightmare for Mike.  He appeared in just 17 games, with an ERA over 8 and a WHIP nearing 2. 

Mike would finish his career in 1982 with a full season in the minors in the Phillies system before retiring at age 32.

Surprisingly I was able to get through another 100 cards in about 1 hour, largely helped by finding groups of cards from the same set together in a box. 

I've found 9 doubles so far, and maybe a dozen or so parallels from more recent years.  Still quite a ways to go, but it's nice to have a stack the height of an iPhone 6 of Jays cards that are in order.

I'll be much happier when that stack turns into a monster box or 2...

Thanks for reading, Robert

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