Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Inbound and Down #11: The Lost Collector

Have to say that AJ from The Lost Collector blog is becoming one of my biggest suppliers.  A few weeks back he sent me a PWE with 3 high number SPs from this year's Heritage set, and on Saturday I received my 2nd PWE from him in 2017 full of more Blue Jays goodness.

I see this card on the top of the pile and think "great, must be the last card I need for Fleer '91!  will be great to get that off the want list."   Turns out, I already have it.  Then I look and see the hair cut on Glenallen Hill.  So that's why he saw spiders in his sleep....

People can rip Donruss all they want.  I really like this design.  Not enough to collect the entire set, mind you, but for sure I'll chase the Jays from '17 Donruss. 

The Retro Variations are cool, featuring the '83 Donruss design.  Who says Heritage is the only release that can feature old sets?  I always thought the Career Stat Line parallels were numbered to the stat on the front.  In this case, the J.A. Happ card should have been #'d out of 1022.  Maybe it's hockey I'm thinking of where Panini numbers the stat line cards like that.

It's still going to take me a while to get over EE leaving town.  I don't think Kendrys Morales is going to have the same effect in the line up that Edwin did.  Or is it the parrot leaving on Edwin's arm that has me upset?

The JD heritage card goes right into the set I'm putting together.  Just another reminder that I have to get that want list up on the blog.

AJ, awesome as always and totally unexpected!!  Thank you very much, they are appreciated.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. No problem! Old Donruss stat lines were definitely numbered to the stat. Not sure why these newer ones aren't. Kind of defeats the purpose.

  2. I love this year's Donruss set, with all the nice little variations throw in as a nod to the 90 set. It's a true shame they don't have a license.