Friday, April 28, 2017

30 Day baseball card challenge Day 3: A card from the first set that you tried to complete

I actually thought about this for a few minutes when my memory took me back to 1990.  I was in college at the time, and had really rediscovered card collecting at the time.   I missed the inaugural edition of Upper Deck baseball by just one year, but still got hooked on the 1990 Upper Deck set.  Remember those green foil packs?

I bought quite a few of them at the time, and spent the summer of 1990 trying to complete the set.  The final card in the set was a Blue Jay, believe or not, by the name of Greg Myers.  I went to a card show in the Leaside section of Toronto during that summer, and found a dealer who actually gave me the Myers card when I told him it was the last card I needed for the set.  In that era of dealers selling whatever they could for whatever they could get, having someone give me a card left a lasting impression on me.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a copy of the Greg Myers card, but here's something Blue Jays from that 1990 Upper Deck set...

The team checklists were artwork back at that time for Upper Deck, and Vernon Wells drew a lot of them if my memory serves me.   This George Bell card (#95 from the set) was a solid choice as the 2nd art card for the team, as Fred McGriff was the first choice in the '89 set.

Everyone out there may also remember the Reggie Jackson autograph cards from those packs; I remember seeing them with 3 digit price tags and thinking the world had gone mad.   It turned out to be just a foreshadowing of things to come...

Thanks for reading, Robert

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