Tuesday, April 18, 2017

1592: A trio of products

I decided this past weekend to just buy some packs from Target.  I wanted to add a few cards to the Heritage and flagship piles, along with trying out some Gypsy Queen to see what it was like.

First up, the GQ.  For me, this is a resounding no this year.  For lack of a better word, the design is just too damn busy for me.  Even the green parallels don't do anything for me.  I'll find some folks to send those cards to.  At least I pulled a Josh Donaldson for my Jays collection.  If you have any Jays, including the green parallels, I'll be glad to add them.   Otherwise, this is probably the last money I'll spend on this set this year.

I bought a blaster of the flagship, and of course the "extra" pack is the one I opened first.  It appears that the definition of the term "patch" has become a little loose, as this was the patch that I pulled.  I would say that it looks more like a button than a patch of anything.  Someone out there may want it for their Tigers/Cabrera collection(s).  Let me know.

Pulled a couple of the '87 inserts, the Tulo goes right into the Jays collection, while the Sonny Gray is up for grabs.  I also pulled a boat load of the various inserts from Series 1, I'll start hunting for want lists that they may be on and get them on their way. 

Rant for the night.  Please, for all that is good in the world, could someone from Topps please tell me why "rediscover topps" cards are in Heritage? 

If I'm buying Heritage, I'm certainly in the know when it comes to Topps cards.  I sure as shit do not need to rediscover them.  It's going to be expensive enough as it is to build the set without having to throw out garbage such as this. 

Yes, I'm pissed.  Sorry, if it helps....

The Elvis Andrus is something else I don't get.  Were there mini parallels in the '68 set?  I don't believe that there were.   So why did this come out of a pack? 

I don't believe in bitching a lot when it comes to the blog.  I'd rather spin a positive message on the hobby we all love.

But sometimes, I just have to say something.   Because it's the right thing to do.

$1632 - $40 = $1592 left in 2017.  At this pace I'll spend about $1379 on cards this year, so I'm still in good shape.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Why do past year's cards with a stamp on them need to fall out of ANY product? I don't even know what to do with them.

    Almost as annoying as Topps horrible collation...but I digress.

  2. I do find that interesting.. For all intents and purposes, the Heritage should be aimed at the long time collectors. Those who would have collected 1987 when it came out..

    I got a 1988 in the only Flagship I bought this year so far.. I said then and I'll say it again..
    "How can I rediscover when Topps won't let me forget?"

  3. Would love to try and work something out for that Posey. Absolutely love the look of it.

    1. Jason, send me an email when you can. rmitchell6700 at yahoo dot com
      I also have '17 Heritage Chrome #356/999 for Posey and '17 Topps flagship Posey Bowman #7 then and now.

  4. Personally I would rather they included old cards without the stamp. But for me cards from the 1980's and up aren't old.

  5. Yeah, since Topps has been reprinting their stuff for the last six to eight years already, the "Rediscover" concept is ludicrous.