Saturday, March 18, 2017

Serial Saturday #12: Overdue

Haven't written a post about the SNI baseball set in a few weeks, so it's time to get going and write up some pages (yes, you've heard this before...).

This is also a reminder to the 20 people that I sent PWE's to that tomorrow is the last day for your 100 words post submission.  At my last count, there were 7 that hadn't written posts yet.

On to page 35 and 36 of the SNI set:

Card 307:  Didi Gregorius, 2013 Topps Update Gold #307/2013.  Arizona card #9
Card 308:  Todd Helton, 2008 Topps Triple Threads #308/1350.  Colorado card #10
Card 309:  Alfredo Aceves, 2011 Topps Gold #309/2011.  Boston card #10

Card 310:  James Russell, 2011 Topps Gold #310/2011.  Chicago Cubs card #9
Card 311:  Matt Garza, 2009 Topps Gold #311/2009.  Tampa Bay card #13
Card 312:  Dontrelle Willis, 2005 Bowmans Best #312/899.  Miami card #11

Card 313:  Casey Lawrence, 2012 Bowman Blue #313/500.  Toronto card #18
Card 314:  Dale Murphy, 2011 Gypsy Queen brown frame #314/999.  Atlanta card #13
Card 315:  Sam LeCure, 2011 Topps Gold #315/2011. Cincinnati card #10

Favorite card on this page would have to be the Dale Murphy GQ card.  Love that Topps started including some stars from the 70's and 80's in sets, and Murph in the powder blue Braves uniform is a great looking card for me.  I was responsible for 6 of the 9 cards on this page, the first two coming from two separate National Conventions.

Card 316:  Dexter Fowler, 2009 Topps Unique #316/1199.  Colorado card #11
Card 317:  Jason Marquis, 2003 Topps Chrome gold #317/449.  Atlanta card #14
Card 318:  Edgar Renteria, 2011 Topps Update Gold #318/2011.  Cincinnati card #11

Card 319:  Brian Fuentes, 2008 Topps Triple Threads #319/1350.  Colorado card #12
Card 320:  Joe Mauer, 2011 Topps Chrome Heritage #320/1962.  Minnesota card #8
Card 321:  Adrian Gonzalez, 2008 Topps Co-Signers #321/400.  San Diego card #13

Card 322:  Tim Hudson, 2013 Topps gold #322/2013.  Atlanta card #15
Card 323:  Will Venable, 2012 Topps gold #323/2012.  San Diego card #14
Card 324:  Jordan Walden, 2012 Bowman blue #324/500.  LA Angels card #17

Not a great group of cards to choose a favorite from, but if I had to, it would be the Renteria card.  I like how the throwing from the knees looks, even though it's hard to see because of the border.

This page only has 2 cards (Fowler and Walden) that came from purchases I made.  The other 7 cards came from 6 different bloggers, with the only person accounting for 2 is Dennis from Too Many Verlanders.

Detroit and Pittsburgh still lagging far behind the pack so far with only 3 & 4 cards shown respectively.  Hopefully soon we'll start seeing cards from those 2 teams.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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