Friday, March 24, 2017

Inbound and Down #8: The Lost Collector

I've been lucky a few times on twitter.  Following enough collectors on the site has led to me acquiring some great cards for my collection.  This post represents a quick tweet from A.J. at the Lost Collector blog, offering up a trio of cards from the '17 Heritage set.   I was lucky enough to be the first one to raise my hand and snap them up.

Needless to say, A.J. added a few other Blue Jays goodies to the envelope for me.

These 3 were the only ones that were already part of my collection; I had to check on the top two to make sure, but the Rocket name plate on the bottom I instantly recognized as a past pickup.

Yes, I needed this card for my Jays collection.  No, I didn't need to see "Blue Jays" written in the 80's Padre style (my apologies to Padre fans, especially Marcus who is a long suffering friar follower).

This was a welcome sight though!  Jesse Barfield was one of my favorite Jays from the 80's and this '84 OPC was nice to cross off the want list.

I've become used to Kevin Pillar cards featuring him diving full out.  Those usually demonstrate his outfield skills.  This one showing him diving into home is something new, and a great shot.  The Big 4 on the Jays card is a great shot, although EE will be missed (a regular theme here the last few weeks).  Hopefully Kendrys Morales can pick up some of the slack.

J.A. Happ should be donating some of his salary to Ray Searage.  Ray helped turn his career around, and quickly while he was with the Pirates.  Never noticed the tattoo on Pillar's arm.  Neat.

Here's the original reason for this post.  A.J. offered up these three SPs from this year's Heritage set.  Just 95 to go (ugh, why Topps why!!!).

A.J. thank you for the envelope, it is really appreciated!   Hope you're feeling better!

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. AJ is an excellent trader; he's helping me out with the 2017 Heritage set as well. I don't see any Marcus Stroman in that small lot, but I want to start collecting his cards now after his dominant performance in the WBC. The Jays rotation suddenly looks scary.