Saturday, March 4, 2017

Inbound and Down #4: Dime Boxes pt. 2

So you thought that yesterday's A&G haul was it, huh?   Not by a long shot.  Nick sent me a great assortment of Blue Jays to make sure that the envelope was full.

But before I get to the Jays cards, Nick also made sure that a little bit of vintage was in there as well...

I've really never made it a point to go out and say "I'm actively pushing to get the '72 and '74 Topps sets completed".  But I did put want lists for these on the blog a while ago, and Nick is the first to put a little hit on them.  Even back in '74, Oscar Gamble's fro was legendary.   Add in the sideburns that were popular at the time and you've got a great card.  The Lee May card from '72 is only the 46th card I have from that set, a long way from where the Night Owl is in his quest to finish it off. 

No delay it appears in getting the Blue Jays series 1 flagship team set done.  Here's 6 of the 9 cards that Nick sent, the other three were horizontals (of which there seem to be quite a bit this year).

2016 Heritage four pack here.  Seeing Edwin Encarnacion hurts.  Damn you Blue Jays management, you should have pushed harder to resign him.   You'll see a pattern of this commentary this year as EE smokes another 40 homers for the damn Indians...

80's oddballs.  Love the powder blues that Barfield is wearing, the Jays brought those back for a game or two a few years ago.

Shiny and see through.  How can you go wrong there.   There's Edwin again....

Mr. Olerud may own the best swing that will ever be seen in a Blue Jays uniform.  I would have loved to see him remain a Jay his entire career, but with power hitters at 1st base in the pipeline behind him, I could understand the Jays decision to trade him.  His 33 intentional walks in 1993 still stands as a Blue Jays record.  So does the .363 average from that same season. 

This scan just hurts.   I'm going to name EE's invisible parrot Franklin, just because of that card....

Nick, what a great envelope, thank you very much!  The cards are really appreciated!

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. I know Jays always have a good home with you, Robert. So happy to hear you needed a fair amount of what I sent you. (And I personally think the Jays' powder-blues are some of the best throwbacks ever.)