Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Knocked a few Jays off the want list at the show

Modern technology is wonderful.  Typing out that massive Blue Jays want list on the blog was very time consuming, but this past weekend it came in very handy. 

That dime box marathon I put in at the card show helped knock quite a few cards off the Blue Jays want list, all without having to print a piece of paper, or carry a pen.  Just simply pull up the blog on my iPhone, and off I went...

Seeing these 2002 Topps base cards made me take a quick look at the want list.  I was amazed at how many Topps base cards from a lot of different years I still need.  I love the 2004 Studio cards with the picture of the Toronto skyline in the background.  Not your standard baseball card photo for sure, but as far as "different" goes, it's a winner for me. 

The Pacific Omega design on cards in spots 5,6 and 7 on this page reminds me of the Iron Throne on the Game of Thrones series.  Not sure if it's the greatest design on a baseball card.  The silver background on the SP cards in spots 8 and 9 is also something that isn't the greatest in my opinion.  The top row of Cruz, Jr., Mondesi and Delgado reminds me that the Jays offense in the early 2000's was also a solid attack.  Not as formidable as the current squad, but it still had some big names to drive the ball around the yard.

This page shows cards as simple as 1999 Upper Deck or 2002 Topps Chrome, or as wild as a couple of years of Pacific Revolution cards.  I never really noticed the backgrounds on these cards until I scanned them and looked at them on the post.  Yikes! 

I did manage to knock off 41 cards from the want list, a pretty good showing for an unexpected dime box haul. 

Speaking of dime boxes,  I have an envelope of his to go through now...

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Nice... I like those Studio as well. I think I need all of these myself.. lol

  2. I love the trippy Pacific cards. The inserts from those sets are getting hard to find.