Sunday, January 17, 2016

Filling these pages is especially gratifying

After writing last nights post, I promptly put the 3 cards from the '64 Topps set that I showed into the appropriate binder.  While doing that, it dawned on me:  "these pages look so much better filled with cards".

Yes, that statement seems kind of redundant because any 9 pocket page looks a helluva lot better with cards than empty.  Let me explain my thought process here.  I started this set quite a long time ago, and put the cards into binder pages at least a couple of years back.  I remember vividly that the lower # pages had quite a few cards, while the higher number pages had a lot empty spaces because there was only 1 or 2 cards in them.

One of the 3 cards that went into pages on Saturday night completed one of the aforementioned high # pages, with cards 460-468 being highlighted here...

The first thing that jumps out?  Why the two Hall of Fame pitchers in the corners.  Maybe one day I'll take a look and see if any of the other pages have a couple of legends such as Gibson and Perry on them.   There's a couple of cards that could use upgrades (Thomas, Leppert), but for a semi high number page I'm quite happy with how it looks. 

I'm really looking forward to showing off all the pages once the set is completed, but with as many pricey cards as I still have to purchase, that's still a little ways down the road.

Thanks for reading, Robert