Thursday, January 14, 2016

By the page--1994 Pinnacle

While going through the large box of Blue Jays last Sunday, this group of cards kind of jumped out at me.  Looking at the three rows, it was pretty easy to divide up the cards to put into groups of three.

Top row:  the hitters

The Borders card is fantastic, the catchers mask flying one way and his helmet flying in the other direction.  The Sprague card is the only horizontal card on the page; it's tipped that way in order to have the backs line up.  The Alomar is a great shot of him catching a throw at Yankee Stadium.

Middle row:  the pitchers

The cowboy hat on Dave Stewart is a fantastic card in my opinion.  We'll see how his managerial skills are now that he's the full time GM in Arizona.

Bottom row:  the rookies

Rob Butler was really hyped as a prospect in Toronto because it is his hometown.  6 seasons and 218 ABs later, the dream was over.  Alex Gonzalez on the right was one of the few players that can say he played for both the Blue Jays and the Expos.  If you need me to describe how Carlos Delgado did as a Blue Jay, you'll have to wait for the next  by the page post...

To be honest, I prefer the black bordered Pinnacle from a couple years prior.  Never the less, this was an easy page to put together and features a good cross section of Jays players from the 90's.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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