Thursday, December 3, 2015

Three Stars

Usually a phrase used in the hockey world to describe the top 3 players of a hockey game, the 3 stars I'm going to feature in this post are from 3 eBay auctions that I won last weekend.  I spent a few bucks under one week's budget (including shipping), but for me to add these cards at such a reasonable rate was worth it.

This McCovey might be the most beat up of the 3, but for me it is still in nice enough shape to add to the '64 set build.  Small crease on the left, corners are soft, but no matter.   It's mine.

This Santo was a tad cheaper than the McCovey, but there are no creases.  Love the old Cub logo on the left sleeve.  The card is off center, but the back is clean and for $5 this was well worth it.

Another off center card, but in better condition, this Bob Gibson was the most expensive of the 3.  At $13, I couldn't pass it up.  These 3 cards put me over the 90% completion mark for the '64 set.  Just 57 to go.

I have another half dozen on their way to me as well; I got those much cheaper than these 3, but the names don't have the star quality that these have. 

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. That 60's-era Cub sleeve logo is my favorite in franchise history - I sure wouldn't mind if they brought it back. Nice pick-ups!

  2. I agree with you guys. Wish they would bring back those Cub sleeve patches.

  3. Definitely three legends particularly in their home towns. The Cubs really should bring back the cute Cubbie patch. I guess we have to start a petition or something.