Monday, December 7, 2015

Six Pack

I received a couple of more envelopes today in the mail--a couple of holiday weekend purchases finally arriving in my mailbox.  Starting off the multitude of cards that showed up is a 6-pack of 1964 Topps.

The lone card from the COMC envelope that took a piece of the '64 want list away was #583, none other than the father of long time Red Sox/Indians manager Terry Francona, Tito.  Very nice condition, and another high number off of the list.

Next up are a pair of Pirates, including the Deacon, Vern Law.  Law in '64 was in his 13th season with the Pirates, which included being a part of the '60 World Series championship club.  Law started games 1, 4 and 7 in the series, winning the first two and giving way to a team of relievers in Game 7 before Bill Mazeroski hit the infamous HR to win the series in the 9th inning at Forbes Field.

Gene Alley appeared in 17 games in '63, but McFarlane hadn't been on the Pirates roster since a 8 game, 2 for 23 stint in 1962.   The '64 season would be the last for Orlando in Pittsburgh, While Gene Alley would play for another decade in the Steel City, winning a World Series ring in '71.

3 more cards in the 400's round out the post.  The name Stenhouse rang a bell, but I wasn't sure why.  Those of you who are in their 40's like I am will remember his son (at least I hope you do), Mike, who was a utility player for 3 teams in the 80's.

Mike Hershberger was an outfielder for 3 AL teams between 1961 and 1971, compiling a .252 career average with 900 hits.  Mike led the AL in outfield errors for 3 consecutive seasons, along with compiling 5 straight double digit outfield assist totals between '63 and '67.

Norm Cash is easily the highlight of the 6 pack; his photo showing all us rookies the proper bunting stance is a great contrast to his power (377 career HRs).  Norm only had 17 sacrifices during his 17 year career.

These 6 cards bring the want list down to 51.  Still need some big name cards such as the Niekro RC, the AL Bombers card and the tops in NL card to name 3.  Those are going to hurt the wallet.  In the end, this set is going to be well worth it for me.  It's my proof that I can finish a vintage set, even while trying to maintain (although not always succeeding) a budget.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Wow, cool stat on Norm Cash averaging one bunt per season over 17 years.

  2. I love collecting Vern Law cards. He is an interesting guy that has some pretty sweet cardboard.