Monday, November 9, 2015

The haul was small--quantity wise

The remainder of the cards that I'm going to show from the card show is quite small, only 8 in total.  To start off, in the same hockey pile that housed the Jacques Plante card from Saturday's post was this card...

I love the Parkhurst hockey sets from the 50's and 60's, and even though the card features a Montreal player, I think it looks great.  The front is in great condition, and the back doesn't look too bad as well, even with the large stain.

$4 took this card home.  Every once in a while when I see hockey cards from this era, I just have to have them.   This Wayne Conolly card is a good example.

One thing I love about card shows and buying off of dealers that you've bought off of in the past is that they are more willing (usually) to give you discounts.  The pile of cards that I had for purchase totaled $45, and when adding them up, the dealer stopped at $40.   Sweet.  For me, that $5 landed me this card...

Another vintage card in great shape.  Getting the Gaylord Perry for free was in my eyes a great bonus.  This was the only '68 I picked up yesterday, and now I'm just 6 cards shy of 200 towards the set.  No hurry here.

Finally, the '59s were represented, with a half dozen coming home with me, including a Ron Fairly RC

The '59 set is coming along nicely.  These 6 cards bring the total I own to 227, or just under 40% of the set. 

What I really like about this dealer is the condition of his cards.  The cards have been in great shape, usually around EX condition.  This is tremendous for me, even though I'm not as picky as a lot of other people when it comes to the condition of vintage cards.  You could say that although the quantity of the cards I picked up this month was small, the quality was solid. 

LOL..don't get used to it

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. The first and last cards are my favorites. Ron Fairly is on my long short list of players to collect.

  2. Man, that 1961-62 Parkhurst is fantastic... I need to get me some Parkies.

  3. Quality over quantity is one of the card show lessons I've (thankfully) picked up over the years. Despite what I thought about five years ago, one five-dollar card is sometimes better than fifty dime cards. Looks like a great haul, and I love that Perry!