Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Removing 3 and then adding 200 (or more)

There's the three, a trio of 2011 Topps Heritage SPs.  Down to 16 of them left to finish off the set.  I've said it many times, but I will be very happy once this one is done and off the books.

So what did I do to add 200 to the baseball want list page?  2015 A&G is on the books now.  I have just under 40% in my possession, so I figured that I would take a few minutes and type out the want list.  Going one further for this set, I decided to collect one of the inserts that I really like, Starting Points.

for the World Series champion fans out there
I really do like this insert set, the back reads as if someone is reading the teleprompter at an evening sports show.  The Hosmer back reads "Hosmer walks twice and swipes a bag in his MLB debut.  In other action, Jaime Garcia's (Cardinals) perfect game goes by the boards in the eighth inning, but he completes a two hit shutout...Cliff Lee (Phillies) loses despite whiffing 16 men in seven innings."  Very cool.

If anyone out there is looking for some cards from any of the other insert sets (Ancient Armory, Keys to the City, Great Scott, etc. etc.) just let me know as I have just over 20 of them for trade.  Send me an email or leave a comment pointing me to your want list and I'll see what I have for you.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. I don't even recognize Kevin Gregg without his goggle glasses