Monday, November 16, 2015

A pocket full of cards for a Posey

I was fortunate enough on my days off last week to receive an email from Jim, also known around the blogosphere as "Mr. Haverkamp".  Jim was interested in making a trade for the Buster Posey A&G relic card that I posted about last week.

Jim and I hammered out a quick trade (actually he made an offer I couldn't say no to), and today I received my first package down here in the south.  Between his envelope and the one I sent to the Night Owl last week, it was nice to get the first two envelopes on their way from my new location.   It was good just to find a couple of post offices!

Jim managed to hit a few different portions of my want list, starting with a page worth of Starting Points from this year's A&G.

These 9 cards bring me to just a hair under 1/3 of the 100 card set; 32 of these are off of the list.

Next up was a few Blue Jays to add to the collection:

It was hard to believe that it's been 4.5 months since I removed any Blue Jays from the want list, but it makes sense since I really have put this portion of my collection on the back burner until I get all my cards down to the new home.  By the way, the top row of cards aren't that off center, my scanning skills just weren't up to par on this effort.

I was also surprised that I didn't have the '87 Fleer Update card of Fred McGriff.  Glad I have it now, because that is another set that becomes part of the list of completed sets.  One day I will have to get around to updating the 2015 sets.

A trio of '59s were also part of the envelope, bringing the amount that I have now over 40%.   Still a long way to go to complete this classic set, but I'm still well ahead of where I thought I'd be. 

Finally, Jim added a Ron Fairly card from the '64  Topps set.  It had been quite a while since I featured a '64 card on the blog, so this was a welcome sight.   Doesn't matter that it's off center and the corners are soft, it's still a welcome sight for this collector's sore eyes.  The '64 set is finally down to 60 cards to go.  Maybe a card or 2 is in line before Christmas comes (39 days away...yikes!!).

All in all, a great package for my first deal with Jim.   Thank you for the cards Jim, they are greatly appreciated!!!

thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Walt Dropo looks really confused...

    Great trade. Always nice when things get hammered out quickly.