Thursday, November 12, 2015

A fine A&G blaster if I do say so

I'm off for a few days, so the better part of my midday today was spent running some errands.  One of those errands was to return an item to Wal Mart that would net me $40 of fun money.

Naturally, cards came to mind with said fun money.  With UD Series 1 hockey still a pipe dream down here in the south, I turned to an A&G blaster to continue my quest for the set.

I did OK with this particular blaster...I knocked off 3 of the Starting Points inserts from my want list

I was also able to shave 18 cards off of my base set want list...still a long way to go there, but it's improving.

I pulled a jersey card of Buster Posey that is available to the masses (Update: Mr. Haverkamp has already claimed the Posey jersey card).

And this final pull told me that I need to be careful when dismissing the minis.   Case in point, card # 163 of Zach Lowe, sportswriter.

Thought nothing of it at first, then I just happened to flip it over to see if it was an A&G back (of which I have quite the growing pile), and I saw something that I hadn't seen yet...

A hand numbered A&G flag back card!!  #'d 10/25. (UPDATE:  This card has also been claimed)  Not a bad pull for a guy who doesn't get to enjoy very many limited # pulls out of retail packs.  I figure I'll wait a few days and see if there's anyone out there in the blogosphere that is interested in the card, then if I don't hear anything I'll put it on eBay.

Maybe I need to have a few more days off

thanks for reading, Robert

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