Sunday, October 25, 2015

'59 Topps set build #18/572 Bob Giallombardo

It's been quite a while since I wrote one of these posts (again), so I figured I'd start with the next player I had lined up to write about.  Let's see how year 5 shapes up, shall we?

Card # 321:  Bob Giallombardo

The front of the card is in OK shape, corners are soft and the lower left is creased, but there are no pen markings to speak of.  This is Bob's RC and only Topps card ever made of him.

The back has a scribbled pen mark over the top of the cartoon.  The scribble really doesn't affect the wording or the picture however, so it's nothing major.

I love the "optioned to Montreal in March 1959" line at the beginning of the bio, which tells me that the cards weren't printed/released until the season probably started.   A quick look at the trading card database told me that this is the more common card, as there is a variation of the card that doesn't have the optioned statement.  The non optioned card appears to be rarer and worth quite a bit more.

How'd he fare in 1959?  Well, his entire 1959 season was spent in AAA with the Spokane Chiefs, where he posted a 3-7 record with an even 3.00 ERA.  The 1958 stats you see on the card?  Those are Bob's entire major league career stat line.

  • As you can see, Bob did a lot of moving during the early part of career.   Hornell is in the southern tier of New York state.   Then out west to Reno, then east to Montreal, then back out west to Los Angeles.  
  • Bob's only major league hit was a single off of Curt Simmons, who pitched in the majors for 20 years.
  • Bob only pitched 3 more seasons in the minors, and was out of professional baseball after 1961 at the age of 24.
Unfortunately, I didn't find a lot out about Mr. Giallombardo, but it's cool that even back in the 50's a player could only play a handful of games and still garner a card to show to his grand kids.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. He went to the same Brooklyn high school as Sandy Koufax. And they were both Dodger lefties. /similarities