Wednesday, August 26, 2015

It's nice to add All-Stars to the SNI set

Yes, I know that these cards are a few years old, but doesn't it seem like decades since these 2 guys played for the teams that they're featured on these cards?

Imagine where the Royals would be this year with Greinke at the front of their rotation.

I doubt that the Mariners would be much better with Beltre in their lineup this year, although he probably would be somewhat of an improvement over Mark Trumbo in the DH spot.

None the less, these 2 cards bring me a little closer to finishing off the SNI set.  Beltre is the 47th Mariner card, and the Greinke is the 46th Royals card.  Maybe one day this weekend I'll get around to getting the rest of the cards that I ordered off of the want list and find out what I need to finish off the project (finally).

Once this is done, what will I do next?  There will be a big void to fill....

thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. It really is scary to think how good the Royals could have been the last couple of years if they had decent starting pitching. At least they have Cueto for the playoffs this year.