Saturday, June 20, 2015

My first taste of series 2

I took a week off of diving into the serial numbered world to head to Target and grab my first rack packs of series 2.  Sticking with the under $20 limit lately, I limited myself to three of the 36 card packages.

I did manage to see my first two Jays cards from the 2nd series, Russell Martin and Roberto Osuna

I'm a set builder first, so I'll still need these 2 for the Jays collection.  Happily, Martin is proving my early season prediction horribly wrong and having a great season with the Jays so far. 

The 1st Home Run inserts are back, and while they look nice, they belong in other collector's hands.  If you want any or all of them, please let me know via comment or twitter.

Lucky me, the two Hot Streak inserts I pulled were of the same guy.  Braves don't belong here....

The Heart of the Order idea is interesting, would have loved to see Jose Bautista as part of this set, but no luck there.   I also pulled a Tony Gwynn, but that is headed down Marcus' way.

'Til it's over.  I've got nothing.  Yes, Mr. Perez is available to whomever wants it.

Mr. Sandoval strikes out on two counts; not only do I have the Red Sox finished for the SNI set, but the #1430 was already off of the list.   So, he is available to any Red Sox fan out there.

What brought a smile to my face is that I have 92 cards free of duplicates towards the 2nd series.  Nothing worse than a pile of doubles that just sits on your desk and doesn't go anywhere. 

I've got nothing to say here that wasn't already said when series 1 was released.  The base cards are nice, I will complete the set, but the insert sets don't do anything for me, so as usual they are available to those who request them.

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Love that Salvador got an insert card, but that "TIl It's Over card is a horrible design.

  2. I think Salvy is a BEAUT. Love it! That moment is commemorated in my Facebook picture:

  3. That Reggie Jackson First Home Run card would look lovely in my collection. Put it aside for me, would you?