Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I heard him, but I just didn't listen

Fellow Blue Jays collector Richard from the Toronto Blue Jays Collection blog wrote not too long ago about purging some of his collection, especially to other Blue Jays collectors.

I'm guessing that I was one of the ones he had in mind, because I received a great envelope of Blue Jays cards that had me writing the word "COMPLETE" on the Jays want list a few times.

Case in point:

1985 Fleer (Upshaw in the lower right) and Fleer Update (the rest) are no longer needed.

One card want lists also went by the wayside as well.  1994 Bowman, '91 Fleer Update and '81 Fleer were also victims of this random act of generosity.

You say you want to see a bigger checklist go down?  Sure thing, how about '93 Fleer?

I didn't bother scanning the 19th card, which was a Jack Morris league leaders card.   That '93 Fleer list, is no more.

Richard didn't finish '92 Bowman, but he did send me a bakers dozen from that set, including some forgotten names like Howard Battle, Jose Pett and Aaron Small. 

12 cards were also removed from the '91 Bowman list, including some high fashion shots featuring Doug Linton, Nigel Wilson, Howard Battle and Felipe Crespo.  At least the Crespo picture had something baseball related, instead of Wilson's shot of him holding up a stone arch. 

Finally, Richard sent me the entire 1988 Fire Safety cards, 36 in all:

These are approximately 4" x 6", and feature some good photography.  What I like about them is that they were all photographed at Exhibition Stadium, featuring the Jays in their home whites.  The backs all have fire safety tips, as well as the player's bio. 

These were all great, and quite unexpected.   Thank you very much Richard, the envelope is greatly appreciated!  (I'll keep my eye out for Joe Carter cards for you)

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. You need to warn me before you show cards from the '92 Bowman Rookie Fashion Show.

  2. Ah, sweet. I'm glad those cards arrived.
    Be warned, I'm only half done the purge... ;)