Monday, April 13, 2015

In your travels...

Outside of the Ernie Banks '61 Topps card, and a hangar box of Heritage, the last several weeks for the most part have been pretty dry as far as card purchases.   The monthly card show snapped me out of that rut on the weekend.

I was able to snap up 4 high numbers for the '64 set...

3 of them were $5 apiece, and the Alvin Dark was $6.  It's getting a little tougher to swallow, but I knew what I was in for this year.  Picking up the last 74 cards is going to be a costly proposition, but in the end it will be well worth it.

4 more cards came off the '62 Topps want list as well..

Love the old style Phillies 'P' on Jim Owens cap.  The Midway Masters card intrigued me, not only because it features more than one player, but because something is sideways.  Is the photo wrong, or is the card description wrong?  My bet would be the midway masters bubble should have been at the bottom.

The Dodgers team checklist was just $2, which I thought was quite the bargain.

I also picked up 9 '68 Topps cards, but these 2 stand out for me...

The league leaders card was $2, and the Killebrew set me back $5.  Well worth it to add a couple of cards featuring HOFers to the build.

At a quarter apiece, a nice stack of '67s made their way home with me.  39 of them to be exact.  At that price, I couldn't leave them there.

A trio of higher numbered '73s also came home with me, along with a pair of lower numbered cards that I was happy to finally cross off the list...

It's getting really close, just 17 more cards to go to complete the '73 set.  Much like my '64 set, there are some pricey cards left over.   Dwight Evans rookie, Yaz, Aaron all time total base leader, and oh yes, the Mike Schmidt RC.

Sooooo, in your travels, if you happen to see a mid grade Schmidt RC for less than $50, send me a shout out.  Just comment on the blog, or send me a message on twitter (@30aweekhabit).   I would very much appreciate it! 

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Great pickups. The '73 Clemente is probably my all-time baseball card, if I were hard-pressed to make such a choice.

  2. Great stuff Robert. Congrats on the great pickups

  3. Great pickups. Part of me is super jealous of your set building projects. The other half... the half that manages my bank account... understands I'd never, ever be able to build any 60's set on a teacher's salary. One day... if I'm lucky... I'll win the lottery and buy me a 1965 set.