Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Four for 4

I've managed over the past year or two to curb my impulse card spending.  This has helped me get closer to building some of the sets I've been working on.  But for some reason last Thursday, the impulse bug bit me.

I thought to myself that I hadn't added a jersey/relic card to my collection in quite a while, and for some reason the overwhelming desire to add a few really took over.

The result?  A quick eBay shopping spree to add 4 cards to 4 different PCs.  

I was going to write a few sentences about Brett, but then I remembered that he's public enemy #1 in KC right now.   Moving along...

I'd like to get more relics/jersey cards of Jays that played with the club in the 80's through the early 90's.  Once I saw this George Bell bat card, I knew I had to have it.  I was so excited to get it that I've already added it to the Blue Jays hits page--weeks before normal.

Both the Bell and the Jim Thome dual jersey card came from the same seller, "cardstore.44".  I was intrigued by the user name and went through all his auctions, which happen to all be priced $x.44.  With free shipping, I decided to grab both cards for just under $9 total. 

Being a long time Sakic collector, I'm always on the look out for cheap relics to add to my collection.  Normally, it's difficult to find something less than $10, especially from a product like Titanium.  So when I spotted a seller that owned two of these with a BIN at $4.99 I pounced. 

Even better, after I paid for the auction, the seller reached out to me and asked which serial # I wanted.  Lucky for me, he had a very desirable one.  Anything Sakic that is serial #'d 19 (his jersey number) comes with a premium price, and so I generally will shy away from them.  Lucky me, I now have something Sakic related with his jersey number! 

For just over $20 including shipping, the impulse didn't blow the weekly budget. 

It's early in the season, but I believe that I went four for 4.

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. super sweet Bell, great design! Impulse bug - do they make a repellent collar for that? I need one.

  2. Death to Lawrie! Make him pay!!! :-)

  3. Lawrie became my favorite Athletic this past weekend. Loved how he took the pitch to the elbow without stirring up any drama.

  4. I have been slow at really getting into collecting relics, but I am starting to come around. These are all great pick-ups but I especially like that Bell relic.

  5. I'm always looking for Thome's for you, but haven't found much lately. That is a nice one you were able to get!

  6. Hail, the impulses!

    That Sakic is a beaut. I watched him and Roy a decade ago in the playoffs and remain more than thrilled at having seen him (both) play.