Saturday, February 28, 2015

Down to 125, SNI creeps a little closer

Piece by piece, the Serial Numbered Insanity set is taking shape.  With the latest generous donation from Dennis at the Too Many Verlanders blog, the set is down to just 125 cards to go.  Dennis has now contributed 69 cards towards the set, for which I am very grateful.

Some of the cards in the next picture are a little warped, so don't adjust your screens...

The 2011 Heritage Chrome cards aren't too badly warped, but the Bowman Chrome Brad Correll purple parallel in the upper left is doing it's best impression of a banana. 

The 2 Indians cards get them closer to completion, they now have 47 out of the 50 cards required for this set.

Topps Triple Threads from various years have been a strong contributor to the set recently, and are featured 102 times so far in the set.  I think the Brad Penny card also appears more than once as well.

What would this set be without the flagship?  Less than 1/2 complete.   More than 750 cards so far are from the flagship/flagship update sets, with these 4 cards adding to the insanity.

I stopped and thought for a moment while writing this post.   When this set is complete, there's going to be a pretty big hole in my collecting world.  Yes, I have some vintage sets that I'm chasing, but the SNI set has been a pretty significant part of the blog since it started.  I wonder what I'll do for an encore...

Dennis, thank you very much for the great cards!  Taking a big chunk out of the set at this point is no mean feat, and is very much appreciated!!!

thanks for reading, Robert

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