Friday, February 27, 2015

A little added bonus

A little over a week ago I posted about a trade package I had received from Tony from the Off Hiatus Baseball Cards blog.   Tony remembered not too long afterward that he had neglected to send me a pair of cards that I had asked for quite a while ago on his blog.

So, the other day I got those 2 cards....

Any time I can knock a Pirate off of one of my want lists for nothing, it's good.   Living in western PA causes them to go for quite a premium, so the '72 Pops for the price of begging on Tony's blog was worth it.

The shiny EE from '14 Finest reminds me that I have to update the Blue Jays want list a little more.  I have the 2015 Jays wants listed (along with 2015 series 1 complete set needs listed here). 

I'm not sure if Tony thought I deserved a little added bonus for forgetting to send these two, because he added a pretty cool 3rd card...

The way that '59 Topps cards have been coming my way (another post on that tomorrow), a set that I thought might take me a while to complete is quickly approaching the 200 card mark.

Thank you again Tony!  The cards, and the bonus within, are greatly appreciated. 

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I am liking those Sporting News rookie stars more and more each time I see one.

  2. I have three copies of the Hartman, one has someone's initials on it, one is creased badly vertically and one is beaten all to heck. I've given up on it. I'm jinxed when it comes to this card.

  3. That Hartman was one I had gotten at a show -- without checking whether I needed it. When I got home and saw I had it, it made 100% sense to send it to the guy building the 1959 set! Glad you got the cards, Robert!