Sunday, February 1, 2015

'59 Topps set build #12/572 Irv Noren

I'm sure that the blogosphere will be quiet today, it is Super Bowl Sunday after all!!  (Light up the skies New England, I have a contest to win)  So before I head out in the snow to do some shopping for the game, here's the latest in the '59 Topps set posts.

Card #59:   Irv Noren

This is the third consecutive card in the set (#57, #58 and now #59) that was graciously sent my way by Commishbob as a starter lot for this set.  I had never noticed until I scanned the card today that there is a smudge on the right hand side (makes me wonder how I missed it before).  The colors are still really nice on the card, and the corners are in good shape. 

I decided to take a look at who wore #24 for the Cardinals in 1958/59 to see if I could identify who that was in the background.   Fat chance, as 6 different players wore the number over those 2 seasons.

How'd he fare in 1959?  Not bad, once he got out of St. Louis.  Irv was traded in the middle of May to the Cubs for Chick King.

Irv batted only 8 times for the Cardinals in 1959, going 1 for 8.  With the Cubs, he fared much better, getting 50 hits for a .321 average in part time duty.

Love the cartoon!!  Irv did earn two World Series rings with the Yankees, as they defeated the crosstown rival Brooklyn in both '52 and '53.  Brooklyn did get some measure of revenge in '55 by defeating Irv and the Yanks in the fall classic.

  • The 1 for 1 trade with the Cubs in '59 was something new for Irv.   The first time he was traded, in 1952, the deal involved 6 players.   The second time he was traded, in 1957, the deal involved 13 players!!
  • Irv's first two seasons in the bigs were as a regular for the Senators, and he received MVP votes in both 1950 & 1951 for his contributions.
  • The two pitchers he had the most career hits off of are both Hall of Famers, Early Wynn and Bob Lemon.
  • See the number of games played for Hollywood in 1949?  That 180 is not a typo, as the Hollywood Stars played 187 games that year!!
  • Irv finished up his career the way I would love to finish up mine.   His 1962 & 1963 stat lines show that he played/managed in AAA Hawaii.  Irv issued a $50 fine to any player who showed up too sunburned to play!
  • Irv also played two seasons of professional basketball for the Chicago Gears of the NBL.  
  • Irv was inducted to the Chautauqua County (NY) Hall of Fame in 1985.  Irv received the Legends Award from the Pasadena Hall of Fame in 2010. 
thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Sorry about the smudge. I swear I didn't do it. ;`)

    I tried to find out who that is behind Noren but like you I found it impossible. I didn't notice it at the time but I think that he's at Connie Mack in Philly for that picture. Those red seats between him and Mr. 24 would match up. Then again it sort of looks like the Polo Grounds in the area to his left so, who knows.

    btw... these posts make me miss blogging this set.